PH-Quirogel it is a product developed in the form of hydro-gel is designed for body massage, providing a double hot-cold effect. Its formulation based on natural principles of menthol, camphor and eleuterococo allows rapid absorption and an immediate effect.

Its three fundamental principles active ingredients act synergistically, enhancing the separate action of each of them: First action ELEUTEROCOCO, plant of Siberian origin with a significant role as a tonic-stimulant: its adaptogenic action increases non-specific resistance of the organism to various harmful influences. A muscular level using this plant makes increase resilience to fatigue states by reducing the buildup of lactic acid, favoring the body’s resistance to stress and facilitating recovery (thus it is especially recommended for exercise).

Main components are:
– Eleutesóridos (sitosterol and isofraxidina)
– Phytoestrogens
– Immunostimulant polysaccharides.

Secondly the MENTHOL or peppermint camphor: Crystal estearopteno peppermint oil. It has strong analgesic, antipruritic at the local level and antiseptic power. It is responsible for the cold effect.

Thirdly the CAMPHOR: estearopteno of wood Cinnamomun or Laurus Camphora, powerful local stimulant general vasomotor action, antispasmodic and diaphoretic. It is responsible for the heat effect.

Its use is especially suitable for therapeutic massages, sports injuries and muscle strains caused by the stress of everyday life. It also acts on the heaviness of the legs, increases the resistance of the capillary wall, normalizes the permeability and improves venous return.





In topical applications it is locally analgesic refreshing feeling, usable in osteorticular inflammation and itching.



It has pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties and circulatory and respiratory stimulant.



It increases physical performance, increases the nonspecific resistance to disease; anti-inflammatory; vasoprotector; decreases the permeability of the capillary walls; advisable for their efficacy in cases of stress, fatigue and convalescence periods.

Suggestions and Advice

PH-QUIROGEL is designed for body massage. Its heat-cold effect provides symptomatic relief of muscular and rheumatic pains, such as back pain, lumbago, stiff neck, cramps, … and caused tension and muscle pain after exposure to drafts and / or sudden changes in temperature. Its use is particularly suitable for therapeutic massage and muscle tension caused by the stress of everyday life.
Acts on heavy legs, increases the resistance of the capillary wall, normalizes the permeability and improves venous control.
It provides a feeling of freshness, softness and calming effect on the areas affected by the accumulation of daily stress. Suitable for preventing the back pain, low back paon, torticollis, etc.


Optimizes muscle tone preventing breakage of muscle fibres, sprains, overload and braid.

It improves elasticity of muscles and ligaments, helping to recover in case of injuries.

How to Use

Topical use. Easy to spread and rapid absorption.
Apply a moderate amount of PH-QUIROGEL several times a day in the treatment area and massage until total absorption.
This cream leaves a pleasant after feel.
In professional use it is particularly suitable for completing therapies and is the perfect complement to oils and creams.

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PH-Quirogel is available in the following formats:

PH-Quirogel roll-on

Roll-On (50 ml.)

PH-Quirogel tubo

Tubo (75 ml.)

PH-Quirogel 100 ml

100 ml.

PH-Quirogel 500 ml

500 ml.

PH-Quirogel 1000 ml

1000 ml.


“Muscle contracture may be caused by fatigue muscle ficbra affected as a result of bad nonanatomic positions repetitive and forced by sudden stretching, fits of coughing or sneezing, by muscle strain and as a result, the muscle hardens and contracts sometimes presenting sensation of internal burning.

In these cases my experience with PH-QUIROGEL has become a solution in the rapid and timely management in muscle contractures, contributing to relief and relaxation affected by the contracture muscle, also has also become a magical product in combination with anti-inflammatory analgésicosy.”

Dra. Estela Añez – Nº Colegiado 38/5941

“Since using PH-QUIROGEL I have noticed a big difference, my recovery is much faster and have increased my level of performance. I recommend it.”

Jonay Pérez García (34 years) – Champion Spain Master Swimming

“As a physiotherapist PH-QUIROGEL is my best friend, my patients and I are very satisfied. The results are wonderful.”

Milagros González (55 years) – Physiotherapist

“They have a product that has solved the pain I have in the fingers of both hands, I am a person of 65 years, I have made many products, but none as effective as the gel of you, I recommend it for people who have pain.”

Eusebio Paniagua (65 years)

“I have suffered muscle discomfort for some years, but since I discovered PH-QUIROGEL I have improved considerably, I feel immediate relief and freshness. I’m very happy.”

Geleida Vides (71 years)


Do not use PH-QUIROGEL with other ointments, creams, sprays or liniments.
Avoid contact with eyes, ears and mucous membranes.
Do not apply if you have allergy to menthol.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not apply the product during gestation period.
Do not apply to wounds or damaged parts of the skin.
Store in a cool, safe place away from heat.

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